New Blog Header Image and WordPress Theme

You may have noticed my new blog header image and the new blog theme I installed which I think it is simpler than most of the WordPress theme that I used for the past two years of blogging.  I already received some good comments from friends and readers about it.  Thanks. J


The header image was done by a famous artist in the Republic of Georgia who has a TV Show that teaches kids to be an artist like him.  His name is Zaliku, I doubt if that is his real name.  Who cares right?  As long as he’s good on what he does.

Maybe you may ask how I found him.  Well, a colleague of mine has a caricature drawing on his table and I asked him who did that caricature.  Then he told me who the artist is and gave me his website.  I went to the website and send him an email and inquired how much would be a caricature banner cost.  I sent a draft of what I wanted and a photo of mine so he can draw a sample before we agreed with the final drawing.  After few revisions, voila!  I have my new Header image. 


He charged me US $50 and was not willing to give me a discount.  Being a persistent guy, I asked him if he can draw another caricature of me as a discount.  He did! J


Unfortunately the photos that I had with Zaliku and their Art Shop were saved in the memory of the the broken N95 Cellphone


Here’s the other caricature that I used for my About Me page.



If you’d like to use the same WordPress Theme, go to this site and download it.

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