New Sony Cam & Underwater Kit

There I go again, having an illness of “Impulsive buying” cost me almost $600.  You know why?  I just got myself a new Point and Shoot camera.


So here’s how it happened.  I sold my 10 months old Casio Exlim camera to a friend for a mere $120 that includes 1GB SD Memory Card and a camera case so I can buy a Sony Cybershot 10.1MP DSCT300/B Digital camera, it’s Leather Carrying Case.  And the main reason why I decided to replace my point and shoot camera is the Sony MPK-THF Marine Pack.  It costs like a brand new camera. But the good thing is it comes with some accessory kit that includes:

·         Sony MPK-THF Marine Pack for Sony T300 Digital Cameras

·         Lithium Ion Battery Pack

·         2 Gigabyte Pro-Duo Memory Stick

·         Olympus Silicone Grease – Olympus Silica Gel 5 Pack

·         Fantasea Nano Focus Light


The Marine Pack is an underwater casing for the Sony Cybershot T300.  I got interested in buying this casing and the cam because I planned to try taking underwater photos.  In order to do this, I need to learn how to dive.  So, off I go to Palawan or Boracay next month for my diving lessons and do my first try in taking underwater photos.  I wander how much will this cost me?


Here are the specifications of the cam: 

·         10.1-megapixel Super HAD CCD captures enough detail for photo-quality poster-size prints

·         Carl Zeiss 5x optical zoom lens; Smart Zoom feature

·         3.5-inch widescreen Clear Photo LCD Plus display; Face Detection

·         Intelligent Scene Recognition; HDTV compatibility

·         15 MB internal memory; capture images to Memory Stick Duo/Pro Duo media


As soon as I have those underwater photos I will immediately post it here for you to critique it. 




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  • I dont like busting your bubble especially after you spent that much money…. but as a diver that lives on Boracay, I can tell you that camera is excellent on land, but horrible underwater. Its rated at 40 meters but for some bizarre reason, they market it as NOT needing any color filters.

    Unless Sony has found a way to bypass the laws of physics, you have to have a red filter at 15 or more meters. Heck, even at 10 meters the colors start to all turn blue. At 30 meters, you’ll still get pictures but everything will be a shade of dark blue/green.

    (ps…you should fire whoever wrote the ‘Please Note’ below the comment box, apparently they have very little english skill)

  • boracay, thanks for your comment. In fact during my stay in the Philippines and Thailand I haven’t had any chance to try the underwater kit due to the fact that I can’t swim yet. I just had a LASIK surgery.

    And regarding your other comment about the Please note at the bottom of this page, don’t worry I will try to amend since the wordings came from the wordpress theme template. In fact this is the first time I read this, it’s kinda funny though.

    Anyway, keep visiting my blog.


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