OFW’s Commented! FREEDOM!!!

Two days ago I published an article about an open editorial of an OFW that concerns his freedom to choose which country he’d like to pursue his dreams for his family back home.


AntiTrapo.com received some comments that are worthwhile reading and be published here in my blog.


After reading these comments and as an OFW you may be obliged to comments as well.  And you are welcome to do this here.


Here are some of the comments from some OFW’s.


From an Ex-Iraq OFW


This is to make an appeal to our government to please try to look into this issue on a broader concept and not just to focus on ‘possibility of death and other related incident’ that may happen to OFWs once assigned in Iraq/Afghanistan/Nigeria and to other countries where Deployment Ban is in placed.

We, OFWs appreciate the thought that as per our government media pronouncements on tv, radio and newspapers, the government is only after the welfare and safety of its people particularly the OFWs. Thank you!

But come to think of it, did the government place the deployment ban in effect to protect the OFW? From what?

I just would like to note and give high regard to the government of other countries who support their people with their desire to take on the challenge of their jobs even when it means working in the war zones like Iraq and Afghanistan. The government of other countries instead of not allowing their people to work on these places our government call ‘high-risk areas’, they give their people freedom to pursue their career and just be supportive of them. I would like to think that it’s only the Philippine government who imposes such restrictive rules on their people to work on these countries because when I was still in Iraq, we never heard similar complain from our colleagues coming from different countries in Asia, Europe and any other parts of the world. And we really can’t help but ask why our government seems to be making our lives even harder. We already have our great share of difficulty and sacrifice by being away from our family, but finds solace with the fact that we know this is for the family, this is not a permanent thing and we know how these things will give a little comfort to our family.

I would also like to say that… it is really so easy for those people in the government to say for OFWs not to go to Iraq/Afghanistan and try other countries because they do not feel the kind of difficulty we are facing in life and how much we are willing to sacrifice just to get a piece of comfort that we can’t have in our own country. We decided to get out of the country because we know there are things that the government cannot do for its people and instead of blaming the government for that, join the militants and keep shouting on the street….we OFW, chose to take the road that we believe will take us eventually to the ‘hills’ and not to be left out on the ground of poverty in our own country. And here comes the government trying to get in our way…..trying to enforce more stringent rules on OFWs and even considering to send home OFWs currently working in Iraq/Afghanistan. Have they ever thought of the implications of that plan to the families of OFWs and even to the economy?


And may I just say that OFWs in Iraq/Afghanistan are mostly working safely inside the military bases and holding good positions. Those we heard in the news, who have died are soldiers in the frontline or accident like what recently happened in a helicopter crash in Afghanistan.

Sana lang bigyan tayo ng ating gobyerno ng karapatan na magtrabaho ng naaayon sa ating kagustuhan, sa kahit anong lugar natin naisin na sa paniniwala natin ay magbibigay sa atin ng pag-unlad….sa ating sarili, pamilya at bansa. Sana lang suportahan na lng nila tayo at bigyan ng tamang proteksyon.

Just give this a thought….By not allowing thousands of Filipino to work in Iraq/Afghanistan, what do we get? On the other hand, by allowing these people to work in Iraq/Afghanistan, what are the potential gains for the economy and primarily for the OFW families?

From an Ex-Afghanistan OFW

My applause to the originator of this article and to everyone who did their share.

I’m hoping that our voices thru this article will reach our very own government officials and focus instead on how to deal with poverty and unemployment going on in our country. The points cited in this article were all spot on…truly depressing knowing that our own government is depriving us of attaining our dreams in life for ourselves and our family.

I have read the news with comments from different government authorities regarding the chopper crash in Afghanistan… such a thoughtless and insensitive reactions from them.

I hope they will take into considerations what would happen to those OFW who will be jobless if they will continue the ban. We’re considering the government leaders to provide us ways to pursue our dreams and not to take it away from us.

Just like to stress the effect of the “actually” on-going ban to work in Iraq & Afghanistan imposed by our own government.

1.) Increasing Rate of Unemployment & Poverty
2.) Triggers corruption within government institution. Instead of helping, they’re taking advantage of it. (This is happening…)
3.) Increase of Crime Rates.
4.) Increasing Rates of Broken Family
5.) Increasing Rates of Drug Sellers and Users.
6.) Etc…too many to mention.

Think of it, OFW’s are just dreaming of providing the following for our family: You’ll be surprised, those were such dreams for basic living, huh!

1.) To provide meals 3x a day.
2.) To provide medical fees to our family incase of sickness and emergency. (Let’s face it, people need money to pay the hospital bills, you have nothing to provide and you’ll be sorry.)
3.) To provide good education for our childen.
4.) Provide safe shelter for our family.

We’re appealing to our President and our Senators… please think about it! May you’ll give us the freedom of Choice!

From an OFW in Qatar

The one who posted this Open Editorial deserves an applause for a very well said article. An article full of substance and logic.

I agree with all the points raised except for the 1st line…. “Why are we not free to pursue the best course for our own lives, and that of our families that rely on us? I do not mean to dispute his point, but just to highlight the reason why he may have said so. We are actually FREE to pursue whatever we believe will take us to greater heights in terms of our career, hoping to give our family and loved ones a brighter future, by taking a decision to work overseas no matter what the cost. But it’s the glitziness of the government that bring to a halt all our dreams for a better future. We are free to decide to get overseas employment even in the war zones like Iraq and Afghanistan in exchange of a much higher wage that our government will not and can never give, and yet it is the government who stop us from reaching our dreams of a better life for our family. A dream that our government tries to steal from us.


Do you think they wanted to impose more stringent rules to ensure that no more OFWs will be deployed to Iraq/Afghanistan because they are really concern for the OFWs and their families? NO, they are only after the positive impact that their media pronouncement will create. If they are really concern about the OFWs and their families, they will not have the Deployment Ban in placed. In the first place, having not allowed thousand of OFWs to go to Iraq/Afghanistan over the past 4 or 5 years, did it make any good for the country, or least …for the OFW families?

And may I just say that their only ‘legitimate excuse’ for imposing Deployment Ban on Iraq/Afghanistan is not to have another Angelo dela Cruz! Oh, pleaseeee!!!

Taking into consideration what happened to Angelo dela Cruz after the Iraq kidnapping which brought the government so much fame and positive ratings for PGMA, where is he now? Has he, in any way, brought his family to a certain level of comfort after he was brought home? No, I’m not being subjective to Mr. Dela Cruz. What I was trying to point out is, our government cannot just pull out all the OFWs currently in Afghanistan/Iraq because of an incident (helicopter crash) that doesn’t have something to do with the Talibans but a plain technical problem. The government cannot just send home all the OFWs in Iraq/Afghanistan and placing the deployment ban in effect for as long they wish, because Filipinos wanted to work abroad especially in Iraq/Afghanistan because that is where the money is. Let’s face it, working in Iraq/Afghanistan may not be like working in Australia, Guam or Canada….but it doesn’t change the fact that we Filipinos are willing face to whatever it takes just to give our family our better future.

Can’t the Philippine government be just like any other government that gives liberty to their citizens in pursuing their dreams and taking on the challenge of their jobs wherever it may lead them? Can’t the Philippine government be just as supportive as any other government? Can’t the Philippine government accept the fact that more and more Filipinos wanted to leave the country because the government cannot provide its people with jobs (with decent wage enough to feed their family 3-meals s day, at least)? Can’t the Philippine government realize that the more they are placing the deployment ban in effect, the more they are placing its people in danger?

At sa huli, sana lang maisip ng mga nasa gobyerno natin na handa tayong magsakripisyo na lumayo sa ating pamilya at umalis sa ating bansa dahil alam nating hindi natin maibibigay ang kahit konting ginhawa sa ating pamilya kung hindi tayo aalis sa ating bansa. Kung magtitiis tayo sa ating bansa, sama-sama tayong mamamatay sa gutom. It may not be a good thought, but as we Filipinos oftenly say….”Di bale ng mamatay sa ibang paraan, huwag lang mamatay ng dilat ang mata sa gutom!”

Let us be given the liberty to choose the road we wanted to take and be happy for the little and big success that we are able to bring home.

From an Afghanistan OFW

Isa po ako sa mga manggagawa dito sa Afghanistan. Gusto ko pong ipabatid sa inyong kaalaman ang nangyaring aksidente sa 10 pinoy na namatay sanhi ng helicopter crash. Di ito nag crash daihil sa taliban. nag crash ito dahil sa technical problem at piloto ng helicopter.

Ang mga pinoy na naririto ay masayang nagtratrabaho, kumikita ng triple o higit pa kaysa sa kinikita sa ibat-bang bansa lalo na sa ating bansa, hindi nila kikitain ang ganito kahit magtrabaho pa sila ng puspusan sa bansa natin. Wag po kayo magtaka kung bakit mas pipiliin namin dito kahit may employment ban sa bansang ito dahil ayaw naming masira ang mga nabuong pangarap namin sa tagal na pagtratrabaho dito.

Kung tutuusin , mas maganda pa ang buhay namin dito kung di la mang mainit. bakit po nasabi ko po ito, kumakain kami ng tama, 3 beses o higit pa sa isang araw, maayaos na tulugan, easy work. malaking pera ang napapdala namin sa pilipinas. at di ganong kadelikado gaya ng mga sinasabi sa balita.

I kumapara nyo naman dayn sa pilipinas sa abu sayaf sa atin, may kidnapping, holdaping, rape, nsagasaan ng saksakyan, nasaksak, o kaya nadukot ng Abu Sayaf…. Tanong ko lang” bakit ang Ibang bansa eh wala silang deployment ban papunta sa atin kung may mga active terorist din sa atin. Dahil walang gera. Di sapat na dahilan ito para tanggalan kami ng trabaho. Bibigyan ba kami ng magandang trabaho ng gobyerno natin.

Ang tanong ngayon ay, kung talagang may ginawa ang pamahalaan na pauwiin ang mga OFWs na ito sa Afghanistan matapos ang pagbabawal ay pinatupad, o kung pinili ng OFWs na manatili at maglakas loob na mag trabaho roon kaysa umuwi na wala namang trabaho,” pagtatanong ni Legarda.

Ito po ang sagot namin” oo mas pinili namin manatili dito kaysa umuwi at masira nag nabuo na naming mga pangrap simula ng nagtrabaho kami dito. Kung kami mawalan ng trabaho para na ring tinaggalan nyo kami ng buhay at ang pamilya namin sa pilipinas, Sino magbabayad ng mga nasimulan

namin.Sinong magbibigay ng magandang trabaho at di mahirap tulad dito. naiintindihan kami ng pamilya namin kung bakit kami naririto, at alam ng mga namatayan dito ang hirap ng buhay sa atin. hinayaan nila kami umalis kaysa mag adik, magnakaw o mamatay sa guton di lang kami kundi ang pamilya namin sa pinas.

Pag tinanggalan nyo kami ng trabaho, mahirap sa amin ang bumangon at maghanap ng trabaho tulad nito. ang kapatid ko. Engineer Gradute sa PATTS, board passer, nagtratrabaho sa Airport sa Iran, ako High school gradute. associate sa pampublikong paaralan, pero triple pa ang kinikita ko kaysa sa kanya, mas natulungan ko ang magulang ko at kamag anak ko kaysa sa kanya dulot ng pagtratrabaho ko dito ng 5 taon.

Lubos po ako at ang mga empleyado dito sa Base Militar na nagmamakaawa na bigyan poh kami ng kalayaan na magkaroon ng sariling pagpapasya sa buhay.

Lubos na gumagalang,

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