Pacquiao did it again!


I guess few of my readers (I said few because literally they are not many, lol) will wonder why only now I blogged Pacquiao’s victory.  When most of the blogger even blogged the Round by Round scenario and even blogged the videos that were uploaded to some popular video uploading site such as Youtube, Veoh, etc….  Can’t blame them, it’s not every day that you get to see Pacquiao’s fight and it’s not every day that bloggers get a huge traffic just by blogging the fight of Manny Pacquiao, for most of the bloggers, more traffic – more online earning.


Pacquaio’s fight is considered a big event in the Philippines, it’s even considered as No crime – No Traffic Day especially in Metro Manila.  The reason is most of the Filipinos are at their home watching the fight.  Don’t you wish that everyday is a Pacquiao fight?


Pacquio is considered by many as the new Philippines Hero.  I like him as a sportsman, I like the way he fights.  You can see the dedication, the power, the speed and the urge to win for his fellow countrymen, but what about as a person?  I don’t know!  I don’t him personally.  All I know is that he made some bad decisions in life by running as a Congressman, and by acting in a movie.  What was he thingking?


I wish that after this fight he won’t consider running as a President of the Philippines.  Manny, don’t be @#!@#!

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