Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) Governing Board Resolution No. 5, dated September 2, 2011 PDF Copy

Few days ago, POEA issued a GB Resolution No. 5 that partially lifting the ban to Afghanistan and Iraq.  (click read more to see the pdf link)

Under POEA Governing Board Resolution No. 5 dated Sept. 2, 2011; the agency said Filipinos working inside US military camps and installations in the said areas are now allowed to continue with their contracts that could be renewed on site.

This means that Filipinos with “validly existing contracts” in the US facilities may come home to the Philippines for vacation and they will be allowed by the POEA to return to their work under such contracts.

But those working outside the US facilities are still covered by a ban issued by the POEA through Governing Board Resolution No. 8 of 2007 in view of the dangerous security situation in Afghanistan and Iraq.

According to Labor Secretary Rosalinda Baldoz, the POEA resolution was issued to clarify queries from migrant workers who fear that they might not be allowed to return to Afghanistan and Iraq if they come home.

It is estimated that there are some 7,000 Filipinos working in US facilities in the two countries.

The resolution is consistent with the recent pronouncement of Malacañang that the total ban had been reconsidered based on the Department of Foreign Affairs’ assessment of conditions there.

The new policy came amid concerns over an order of the US military to all contractors not to recruit third country nationals from nations that have laws prohibiting their citizens from traveling and working in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Here is the link on where you can download a PDF copy of GB Resolution No. 5 of 2011.

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  • hindi parin fair paano naman ang mga nasa labas ng Camp with secure compound and living conditions…na almost half a decade narin nagtatrabaho sa Afghanistan…..ang Gobyerno tlg natin laging one sided mag desisyon…at saan nanaman nila kinuha ang assessment nila??? hindi fair para sa lahat…..kaya wala tlgng asenso..hayyyyyzzz tsk tsk tsk!!!

    Tnx Kuya Uie…more power God Speed!!!

  • Hello Alfred, you are absolutely correct. Let’s just hope na gawing lahat ng lugar sa Afghanistan ang pag lift ng Travel Ban.

    Keep hoping Alfred.

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