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side_salad.jpgI sent an email to this website and a certain Mr. Bryan Zarzuela replied to me promtply and amazingly he answered all my questions.  Don’t you feel good when you inquired to a blog or website and you received a prompt reply?

The reason why I sent an email to this website is that my Philippine passport (anyway, I only have Philippine Passport hahaha) is running out of pages.  I think I only have two pages left though the expiration is on 2009.

Okay let me summarize the information that I got from Mr. Zarzuela so the OFW’s out there can benefit on this.

I found out that:

– You can apply and renew your passport online but your personal appearance is still required.
– a thumbprint is required for the new type of passport called MRP or Machine Readable Passport.
– The passport can be delivered to your doorstep in a day or two.
– The processing of the passport takes at least 12 days.

For more information you can visit their website @ or call their DFA Passport Direct (02) 737-1000.

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  • i have a link on post summary for blogspot entries in my previous entries.try to search for it or google it.keyword: post summary link code for blogspot.

  • i tried to call (02) 737 1000 last August 28,2009 and today August 30, 2009…


    there is no response, no answer, NADA!

    i dont get it? so if any of you could give me the e-mail address of Passport Direct please, sendit to my e-mail ( my Birth certificate (NSO, and the other one ), BAptismal Certificate is with the DFA orPAssport Direct i do not know where it is now, because i have been trying to call them but they maybe are not fond of answering phone calls.. arghh… im just so mad today.. but the ood side of it is that when there is a problem with my documents they call me right a way, this was just the first time or secnd ime that i cant ring them.. i dont know what is the problem.. they said they are 24/7 but why cant i call them and tell them about my problem gosh..

    please help me!

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