Ranarios life spared by the Amir!

amir.jpgMarilou Ranario’s (an OFW house maid in Kuwait) life was spared by the Amir of Kuwait – Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah.  “Normally, I don’t interfere in the judicial process. But, since you are here to personally appeal for her I will not sign the decree of execution,” Sheikh Sabah told President Arroyo.

For sure the rating of the Philippines President will go up after this personal appeal.  Oh Politics, thou shall not!  hahaha….My only advice to the Pinays (short for Filipinas) who are planning to work abroad, especially in the Middle East; avoid applying for an house maid job.  There are lots of opportunities for our Pinays in the Middle East aside from being house maid.  You can apply as a sales lady, restaurant worker or an office worker.  And to work in a private company can give you an opportunity to hop to another job, it’s not easy but it’s worthy enough to try. 

Like Ranario carries a bachelor’s degree in elementary education but decided to leave for Kuwait in December 2003 to work as a domestic worker. But if she applied for other than a house maid, she would have a chance to be a teacher in a Philippine International School in Kuwait.

In the Middle East if you go to a mall, most of the sales ladies and restaurant workers are Filipinos.  Filipinos are liked because of their cleanliness and hard working attitude.  That’s why I’m proud to be a PINOY! 

The reason why I said avoid applying as a house maid is that house helpers are prone to be physically and verbally abused (that includes mentally).  I have spoken to a lot of Pinays (short for Filipinas) who are house maids in Kuwait and some of them are having these problems with their sponsors.  But some are fortunate enough to have kind sponsors who treat them very well.

Below if the full article from Philstar.com.

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  • Mr.Wee,Hi kmusta na ang pinakamabait kong friend sa balat ng lupa.kmusta kana jan.alam mo miss kana namin d2 sa kuwait.kailan ka ba babalik d2 sana oneday mamasyal ka naman d2 sa kuwait para mag get together tayo…ok take always of yourself and more blessing to come”””muwah..ate remy sexy,,hehehe.joke lang.

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