Remembering September 11, 2001

September 11 2001, a date that will “stand still”; a moment that will forever be “etched” in our memories.  Five years have passed since groups of terrorists have attempted to destroy the freedom that America symbolizes.  It seems like just yesterday when the heinous crime committed by these twisted and perverted individuals, these so called “holy warriors” to try and defame, destroy, and tear down the very fundamentals of our democracy. We can not let them succeed by forgetting what happened that day! Why should we be frightened or ashamed for being American? No other country in living memory has sacrificed more, shed more blood, or paid the ultimate price for freedom; no one except America. From the bloody sands of Normandy to the “death march” in Bataan after the fall of the Philippines to the frozen hills of Inchon in Korea to other nameless places all over the world, you can bear witness to the final sacrifices, not by tens or hundreds, but by the hundreds of thousands of American lives that have been given in the name of Freedom! Only America has done so! Why should we be ashamed for being American? We did not attack these terrorists; we did not provoke them!  They attacked!  Wake up my fellow Americans from your slumber, we can not let these mindless people do more harm unto us by letting them rest – let us not allow them to regroup.  We must continue the fight in the rugged mountains of Afghanistan and in the unforgiving sands of Iraq instead of our own upstate New York or the farm land of Pennsylvania!  Remember, they invaded us, they killed innocent people and they took advantage of our freedoms and our way of life and used that to attack and rape our society!  Let us not forget history but rather remember it well for it will guide us in the future!  America is the consummate synonym for freedom and no one can negate that!




The above essay was written by a colleague and a very good friend of mine Mr. J “Deo” LasMarias.


Proud of you Pappy! 🙂


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