Reminiscing Kuwait – Part 1

It’s been three months since I left Kuwait for a job opportunity that can’t be ignored.  Who would ignore a chance of going to the US of A to have your medical examination and other processing before your deployment to your work site?  And the chance of seeing your love ones after 120 days of working continuously for an R&R (Rest & Relaxation)?  I guess nobody right?  Or, maybe few will….  The insane ones! 🙂

For an OFW (Overseas Filipino Worker), an R&R or vacation (on a simple term) every four months is rare.  Because the majority of the OFW’s in the Middle East are having their vacations every 2 years.  Hey, if you’d like to go frequent to Philippines it will cost you a lot!

Anyway, back to the topic! 

Sometimes, I think of going back to Kuwait.  Why?  ‘Coz I missed the Kuwaitis?  Ngeeeekkk, wrong answer!

You know being in Kuwait for thirteen years is not that easy to forget.  It’s like my second home, my friends (some true, some not) and acquaintances are there, the malls where I shop (especially Pull n Bear & Zara), my favorite restaurants and lastly – the memories….some to be cherished and some should be forgotten and be buried.


For this post I compiled a collection of Photos that I took while I was in Kuwait.  There are lots of photos to share but for now I will post some of it.  Thirteen years in Kuwait can’t fit in one post so expect multiple posts of this topic.  

Every photo that you’ll see here has memories along with it.

The Kuwait Towers are three towers of reinforced concrete in Kuwait City. The main tower is 187 meters high and serves as a restaurant and water tower. It also has a Viewing Sphere which rises to 123 meters above sea level and completes a full round turn every 30 minutes. The second tower is 145.8 meters high and serves as a water tower. The third tower houses equipment to control the flow of electricity and illuminates the two bigger towers. The towers were designed by Sune Lindström and Malene Björn and were built by Energoprojekt, a company from Belgrade, Serbia. They opened to the public in March of 1979. The towers were damaged heavily by the Iraqis during their occupation of Kuwait from 1990 to 1991. In 1991, after the liberation of Kuwait City during the First Gulf War, Vic Clarke of Nottingham UK abseiled the Kuwait Water Towers during structural surveys. Mr. Clarke was introduced into Kuwait by Mr. Michael Stewart, of The Stewart Group International, also from Nottingham UK. There was substantial shell, and bullet damage to the exterior of the towers. The interior damage was mainly to electrical gear, mostly lift equipment. Some of the large triangular glazed panels shown in the photograph were also damaged by shell fire.

The concept of the Towers with three structures was initiated in 1962. Construction commenced in 1975 and in March 1979 the project was finally inaugurated. The three towers were built for multi-purpose operations. One, the needle shaped tower, provides electricity to the suburbs in Kuwait. The Second middle tower stores up to one million gallons of water.



Camera used for the above photos: Canon EOS 30D



I’m inside a cab going to Kuwait City.



Inside Al-Fanar Mall in Salmiya, Kuwait during my lunch time.



View from our office window in Salmiya, Kuwait.  On the middle of the picture is the Sultan Center where you can find most of your household needs.  Excluding Maid of course.  hehehe


This building is a flat where I used to live, located in Bneid Al-Gar, Kuwait.

Camera used for the above photos:  Nokia N95

Just a note, if you’d like to use my photos please let me know.  I can lend it to you free, but in the future this will cost you. Or just make a donation on this site (donation button from Paypal will follow soon). 🙂

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  • …salam malaikom sadeek…eshlonek…well here u go my mate…you keep on bragging me to visit your site…well, now that i’m here in the Alps Mountain; where peace and serenity were deafening…which gives an ample time to visit friends blog.
    I used to be in Kuwait too, and I saw the rise, fall and the rise of Kuwait. My only regret for staying ages in Kuwait is you can never be a Kuwaitee citizen…naaahhh thanks but no thanks – I will never relinquish my citizenship…hahahahaha…charrrr…maybe…
    Good shots my mate abd keep up the good blog u got, but mine will be invading blogs world soon…and you will witness photos that will put National Geographic to shame…LOL….tis lam…tebe shay…fi amanilah…inshallah shof inta…walah…ana mishtagalek shawarma…

  • Hey what’s up AC A.K.A. Morehead, I keep bragging about my blog ba? hahaha sensya, just thought of you might be interested with the topic. Yeah, you better start enter the world of blogging na. It’s addictive, especially when the visitors drop a comment hehehe. And yes you’re right, with the scenery you have there, mahihiya ang National Geographic. 🙂

    Hey Hansia, what do you mean by big dicky horsies.. Hmmm I can smell something here hehehe. Don’t tell me you miss some of the horsies out there in Kuwait. For the information of our visitors, horsies or kabayo are what the Kuwaitis are called. It’s what the Pinoys call them when they talk about the kuwaitis. It’s like a password…. hehehe

    Apologize for our Kuwaiti friends out there! 🙂

  • hey, just thought of dropping by before going to bed.. and i saw this post,, which really truly touched my heart. I miss Kuwait and you of course.
    Cant wait for the Part 2.

    u made me miss our flat. that’s nice angle huh ( of our building ).. the swimming pool is at the left side going upstairs,,, i remember when i watched u swim there.. watched the haris walk after you in the elevator hahahaha u know why?

    and he would yell like this “habibi shino hada, lesh kulo mai” hahahaha ( nag swimming ka kaya ano!)

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