Republic of Georgia: 1st Restaurant visited

I noticed that the traffic of this blog went up when I started blogging about Republic of Georgia.  By the way for the readers who are not well versed in Blogging terms, web traffic is not the usual traffic that you see in the streetJ.  It is the term that’s being used in Blogging world that pertain on the count of visitors that reads or visits your blog or website.  So back to the topic, the traffic went up four times of the regular traffic that this blog was getting.  I’m sure it’s because of the current situation in ROG right now, lots of people got interested.


Well, I’m going to take an advantage of this trend; eventually people will stop searching news about Republic of Georgia when the situation subsides.  So, why wait for that time to come right?


This time I’m going talk about the food that I had with the first Georgian restaurant I’ve been to.  The driver took me to a restaurant called “Old House” but I forgot that I don’t’ have the local currency yet so he took me to Sheraton Hotel which has a money exchange shop.  The Georgian local currency is called Lari (1$ = 1.4 GEL).  So instead of going back to the Old House Restaurant and spend around 20 minutes due to the traffic (I mean traffic in the street), we went to another restaurant which I didn’t get the name.  Okay, just now I remembered that I kept the restaurant receipt which is in Georgian language.  And I found from a Georgian colleague of mine this restaurant name is “kalakuri Restaurant”.

(Caption:  The stairs going to the 2nd floor)


Most of the waitresses don’t speak English, luckily there’s this girl that even she can’t speak fluent in English but still we understood each other.  Isn’t that the important thing?


The restaurant has 3 floors, 1st and 2nd floor area fine dining and I am not in a proper dress to eat there.  So I chose the 3rd floor which is an open are with roof.  It has a Middle Eastern feeling because of the interior design.

This photo is overlooking the lake in front of the restaurant.  I wish I had someone special with me to share the moment. Tsk…



Shashlik in Georgian is a roasted chunk of pork, a bit salty but one of the best barbecued meats I ever had. Shashlik cost GEL 10.00. 



Kachapuri is a local pizza version of Georgia.  Its bread stuffed with cheese and cut in to four pieces.  Don’t leave Georgia if you didn’t try this bread.  Kachapuri cost GEL 6.00.  In that plate too you will also see Pkhali, it’s the eggplant with walnuts and it cost GEL 8.90.



That was my table with the whole meal and the red wine I ordered.  I only ordered half of the bottle, and it’s called Sapheravi Red Wine.  It cost GEL 10.50 for the half bottle.  The best ever red wine I ever had.


This is how the restaurant looks like when its day time.


For the photos that are in thumbnails and you’d like to see them in full view, visit the Gallery Section of this blog.


Memories, memories, memories…………


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