Republic of Georgian Sheep Herder

June 04, 2009 – On our way to the office coming from the airport, our vehicle had come across Sheep’s and cattle’s on the road blocking the way.  That road was located between Tbilisi and Rustavi, and I’ve noticed a very young Georgian herder probably 10 years old helping the old guys to herd.  Our driver which is a Georgian local shouted at him to wave and smile for the camera, he talked to him in Qartuli which is a native language of the Republic of Georgia.


All my life, I have never seen sheep’s this many, I am guessing it is almost a thousand in quantity.  This place is a country side of Georgia where it is full of grass and a nice cool breeze air. 

There are lots of things to see in this country and I still have a week left to explore this lovely place.

Notice the sheep dogs in the background; they help to herd sheep as well.

Until then….

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  • hey mate…you’re in Tbilisi, Georgia again…cool kainggit ka. sana mapadala rin ako dyan.
    you can really see the difference b/w europeans, arabians or asian herders…sosyal tong bata na to naka medyas pa and looks very clean.
    I heard they got good sulphur spas out there?
    Enjoy the rest of your stay…

  • Yup I am here again as if you don’t know, hahaha…. Next time I will send you instead so you can see this beautiful place.

    Sulphur Spas, yes I’ve been into one last year and it was so good.

    thanks for the comments… keep reading my blog hehehe

  • Nice pictures po! Galeng ng bata mangabayo ^___^ Those hundred sheeps po is normal scene around Europe 😀 I’ve seen the same while my husband and I were riding a train to another town in UK. Buti nlg d sila makacross sa railway. yay! Dito naman po sa Northern Greece, I also saw them being herd this way, kaya lg d naman sila nag-crossing sa highway kasi my blockage. hehehe. I’m glad po pumunta kayo doon during Summer Time. ^___^

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