Republic of Georgia’s Street Vendors Photos

I was in Republic of Georgia in July 2008 and June 2009 for a business trip. While roaming around T’bilisi, I took some photos of the Georgian vendors. What I have noticed is that most of the street vendors are old people, and can’t remember if I have seen young vendors. You might probably see the young ones working in a shop or in a mall. Wait, I can’t even remember if I have seen a mall in Georgia. Well, they do have McDonalds.

Here are some of the photos I took while I was there for the past two years.


Google Map of T’bilisi, Republic of Georgia


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  • hello po, again! I can’t help not to notice this country on your list of blogs, lmao.
    I became a bit familiar with the country because my husband’s family in Greece used to have a house-keeper who is a Georgian.
    She had told me that basically, their country is in chaos. They can barely buy food and medicine over there. My husband gave her few things like a 3 year old cellphone and wedding suits for her brother and she was so happy to send it to them. It’s not like she lives in the city area but nearer. Yet the life over there is quite harsh, all over. Harsher than in Philippines (by the things that she’s been telling me…) That’s why many of her kind go to EU countries, taking Greece for example , as an illegal immigrant. Yes she came to Greece, illegally and lived here for 5 years. Although Greece is not as progressive as other more developed EU countries (except Bulgaria and Romania), she lived vibrantly in the sub-urbs. SHe was getting minimum wage (500+ euro) even though she’s illegal and sending 100 euro there is considered very huge amount.

    They have a weird custom about how women should be married. She is a very insecure girl cos she is considered ugly in her family. Her sister was the beautiful one. She got married @ 19 after being abducted by an old guy TWO TIMES. Yes, women’s way of getting married there is being abducted by a man. If you cannot be rescued by your family, then the daughter is his.

    Currently she’s back in Georgia cos her mother died.

    And since you’re going to Greece soon, please be noted that this small country is populated by elderly 😛 SO expect older people selling on the streets, too. ^_^
    If ever you see younger ones, it is not sure if they are Greeks because there are also many other Balkan races here: ALbanians, Bulgarians, ROmanians, as well as there are Russians. Some may look from middle-eastern race, but that’s normal cos this country used to be an Ottoman empire for 500 years. I hope you can also visit Crete. It’s currently Autumn here and it is colder in those islands. ^_^

  • Hi Nessy, thank you for dropping by. Unforntunately, I can’t go to Greece this time, it needs a lot of time to apply for a visa. it sucks, I know. keep visiting my blog 🙂

  • I like your blog so I don’t miss it every month 😀
    Sana po Summer andito kayo ! Ganda pa naman ng Santorini at that time :D:D:D. Pag maka-drop by po kayo ng Northern Greece please let me know! Kali Tichi! (Good luck)
    .-= Nessy San´s last blog ..Irma- a dog’s Life =-.

  • Hi to all “Pinoy posters” in here. I was kinda having second thoughts (no, I shoudln’t have) of coming to Georgia after reading the post of Nessy. Im Pinoy too and been an ESL teacher in the Middle East and China for quite a long time.
    Im now in Manila processing my migration papers to the USA but since it is taking a long time (longer than we expect)BTW, that’s the reason why I left my job overseas to attend to these migration process (might be called for an interview anytime!) so I applied for a volunteer teaching post in Georgia…..for the meantime!
    I’ve been reading and searching in the net about it. It seems a pretty nice, quiet place and was even mentioned as one of the safest places in the world to be.
    I was intrigued by its culture, people and this is gonna be abosulutely new for me.
    I had already been interviewed thru skype with all my papers forwarded and might be booked in April 2011 for departure.
    Me Filipino po ba dun? hehe.
    What are the places that you can see and nearby coutries you can travel to?
    I am firm with my decision and I hope that I ‘ll have a good time while in Georgia.
    Someone one who could provide me a frist hand information (aside from the net) would truly be appreciated.
    Thaks to you all.

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