Road trip to Sacramento, California – Day 1

As a kid in The Philippines watching TV Series such as The Beverly Hill Billies and Dallas, I often wondered what the rest of America was like.

I have been fortunate to travel to many places in the world including The Middle East, Europe, Asia and now finally realizing my dream of seeing America by car.

This is the first day of the Road Trip to Sacramento, California.

Damn, this state is big. It is true that everything is bigger in Texas.

FYI, Texas is 2.3 times bigger than the Philippines.

To start, we left Hurst at 1:30PM enroute to Red River in New Mexico.

Hmmm…. I fell asleep for an hour so missed some of the little towns we have passed.

I was awaken by the sound outside. A little bit of road construction and repaving.

Crossed Memphis, Texas at 6pm.

Donley County at 6:20PM and about 60 miles away from Amarillo, Texas.

Claude, Texas at 6:50PM.

These two trucks were on our tail.

Sharing the road with the trucks.

At 7:15 PM, stopped at Love’s Country Store in Amarillo, Texas to clean the windshield to remove smashed bugs.

At 7:30 PM about a mile to Wildorado, Texas.

And passed this Dairy Farm and the cow manneur smelled so bad.

Elevator Grains.

Windmills in Texas.

Crossed New Mexico at 7:20PM which is 8:20PM in Dallas, Texas, an hour earlier.

Stopped at Russell’s Travel Center about 7:30PM. This shop is huge.

It is finally dark but this road is about 15 miles long and it was really dark. About 20 minutes drive. Another 12 miles drive to reach the Interstate road US-54.

It’s 8:20PM and we are in Logan, New Mexico to stop for the night. Found this Budget Inn Express and one night cost $68 (including tax). And they allowed dogs in the room.

And at 9PM, only Subway was open and other restaurants were closed.

Got to sleep now. Day 2 of the Road Trip to Sacramento will continue tomorrow morning. We will finally reach Red River in New Mexico and do some fun stuff like ATV Ride.


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I'm not a Professional writer nor did I study Journalism or Literature, but I love sharing my travel experiences and advise other travelers who have not seen what I have. I've been blogging since 2007 and traveled to a lot of places and I love it and will continue doing it until the time that I can't walk anymore.


  • It seems you are a professional writer and photographer! You see places in ways that are unique, interesting and different. I enjoyed your blogs and you bringi me to different places i wish to see someday. ‘Til your next travel and next blog. ENjOY?????

  • Hi Joi, first of all I’m not professional in writing and photography at all. I wish I am but so glad that you think so. I’ve been stagnant for a while in travel blogging and would like to be active again. I love traveling and love to post what I see and there’s so much to share.

    Thanks for taking time to open my site and hopefully you stick around for more.

    Currently, in Folsom, California for the next adventure of my life.

    ciao for now

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