Roaming around Tamil, Nepal

After the sumptuous breakfast while overlooking Kathmandu Valley from the Shivapuri Heights Cottages terrace, we head out to see the city.  Unfortunately, the driver is not available and so we decided to walk down the hill.  It’s about past nine in the morning so the heat is not too bad and I thought that it would be a nice pre-trekking exercise and a preparation for the grueling one that will happen the next day when we fly in to Lukla (one of the most dangerous airport in the world).

I can’t remember exactly how long did it take for us to reach the flat land but I tell you it was an exercise, but a good one.  It was also an experience to see the Nepalese do with their daily lives.  Fascinating!

In this photo, Lew may look like bribing the Nepalese but in fact he was giving him a tip.  The guy put a small red dot on Lew’s forehead.  A religious thing I guess.

I really don’t know what street is this but this was the way going to Durbar Square which I will talk about on my future articles.

Here is the photo gallery.



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  • Mr Louie, I love your photos of Nepal. I love how it looks different than any capital cities on most of the countries. And how I love those houses on the hill. I like that you chose to explore Kathmandu by foot and without tour guide. It always amusing to see the street vendors and locals do their daily routines.

    How was the weather? From your clothing, I assume it is quite comfortable, maybe similar to South East Asia? I am from South East Asia too, by the way.

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