Robin Williams, Kid Rock, Miss USA, Lance Armstrong Visit in Afghanistan – The show.

I feel terrible!  Can you believe that I had 3 chances of having a picture with the legend of comedy Robin Williams?  This is what happened.  I gave my DSLR camera to a lady soldier but she cannot figure out how to use it!  I can’t blame her though (some people are not too techy). 

But you know, Robin was very accommodating that he even stayed with me for the 3 attempts of the photo shoot and he even gave me a brotherly hug but after the third photo attempt he left.  The soldiers called or even pulled him from the crowd to come inside.  It was snowing and it was freaking cold. And stupid me I didn’t bring my point and shoot camera, and I even forgot that I have a Nokia N95 that has a 5MP camera in my pocket.  Can you believe that?  If I did not forget that I have the cell-cam with me, I have a picture to show here and in my friendster account.  hahaha…. Hey, can you blame me?  I was star strucked. 

Man, it’s Mrs. Doubtfire in person.  hahaha 

Anyway, aside from that disappointing scenario that happened in the middle of the show, here’s how the show started. 

Around 9PM, Miss USA Rachel Smith was called first to start the show.  She didn’t dance or sang a song, all she talked about was how heroic the US soldiers are, blablabla.  But before she was called, she was at the back stage and I happened to be there with my camera of course.  Let me correct that, I purposely went there to get a glimpse of the stars.  A Paparazzi in the making hehehe. And here are some pictures of her at the back stage and on the stage.     

Then Miss USA introduced Lewis Black a comedian.  Yeah he’s funny but the F word was used like half of his speech.  Anyway it was a comedy act so the audience loved it.    

Then Lewis introduced the sensational 7 time Tour de France Champion Lance Armstrong.  Lance didn’t show his cycling skills though but he talked about how he was called a hero because of he survived cancer and winning 7 times in Tour de France.  He’s okay.    

Then Lance introduced the legend, Robin Williams.  He was so funny.  I can’t even tell you how funny he was.  He talked about Britney about her P___y!  Poor Britney! He joked about the French people too and what funny was that French soldiers are watching the show!  hahaha that was hilarious. After the stint of Robin, the scenario that I mentioned on the start of this post happened.  (Read it again if you want too!) 


Next who performed was Kid Rock the Rockstar.  I don’t listen to his songs but his performance last night was great.  He jived with the audience; he knows how to entertain people.    


Then he was joined again by Robin playing the Harmonica.   


And that concludes the show. 

Wait!  After the show there was a photo shoot inside the dining hall with the five stars and with the 21 people per batch.  I was in the 2nd batch of the 21 with a colleague of mine.  As soon as I have the picture I will post it here. Thanks guys for reading this post and supporting my blog. 

Oops!  One more, next night there was another show with the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders.  J 

I was supposed to post this on the 21st of December of 2007, but I was so buzy and before the year ends I have to post or it will be old news.

Happy New Year to all!           

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