Saalbach from the Eye of Your Camera

For the photographer in each of us, one may find Saalbach to be the perfect jumping off point for photographing the exquisitely lovely Glemmtal Valley. But getting there cheaply can be problematic – find Saalbach, Austria holidays from, and have a look for the lowest fares.

At any time of year, sunrises and sunsets lighting the peaks of the Kitzbüheler Alps make for dramatic and colorful landscapes. Of course, nature is the main draw of Glemmtal, but the town of Saalbach also delights with its church building and distinctive onion-shaped dome.

The warmer months of summer offer the perfect time to take advantage of over 400kms of hiking trails around Saalbach. Hiking through the grassy alpine pastures along the Pinzgauer Grasberge is perfect for capturing the surrounding mountains as well as livestock grazing in front of rustic farmhouses. Head up to Rohrertörl Pass for the perfect shot of Saalbach nestled in the valley.

The sure-footed will want to try the challenging “Seven Summits of Saalbach Hinterglem” tour, a 24km circuit of the summits of Glemmtal, offering stunning panoramas of the valley and perfect shots of the other peaks.

Winter time presents a wealth of different opportunities, from the snowcapped summits to frozen lakes and rivers, skiers and snowboarders in action, and the beauty of fallen snow icing trees and houses.

Photography in winter carries a few challenges with it, however. The auto exposure on most cameras has the tendency to make snow cover appear grey, but opening one or two stops more can prevent this from happening. Another interesting winter-time option is to shoot in black & white or a high contrast monochrome; this can beautifully accentuate snow to take it from sparkly to dramatic.

Aside from light exposure, always take care of yourself and your camera when shooting in the cold. Carry extra batteries as the low temperatures can sap battery strength quickly. Brush snow off your camera instead of using blowing it off as this prevents your breath from freezing into an icy layer on your camera.

Lastly, before coming inside, take care to warm your camera slowly or place it in a sealed plastic bag to prevent condensation from forming and seeping into your camera’s inner workings. As long as you’re adequately prepared, winter photography around Saalbach is an excellent, unique experience.

Whether venturing out in the summer sun or the winter snow, Saalbach is a perfect base for exploring and photographing the Glemmtal Valley. Green pastures or snowy mountains – it’s all waiting to be captured!

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