Shivapuri Heights Cottage, Kathmandu, Nepal – The next day!

I woke up about seven the next morning to my growling stomach, needed breakfast badly. I woke up my friend Lew, and told him I was starving; let’s go have breakfast on the patio. We walked up to the main house and there was a nicely laid out breakfast on the terrace, which had beautiful views of hills and the city below. We had plans to roam around Kathmandu for a day before we set out the next day for Lukla, which is considered one of the most dangerous airports in the world! That adventure will be discussed in one of my future articles.

The weather was perfect, not too hot or humid. While having our American breakfast prepared by the Shivapuri Chef, their very friendly Labrador Tusli joined us.  Tusli is a beautiful golden Lab that Neeru and Steve temporarily adopted from one of their friends who left Nepal.  We were told that she will be adopted again in a couple of days.  How I wish I could adopt her and take her back to the Philippines with me.

During breakfast the owner Steve came over and introduced himself and asked if everything was going ok? He mentioned they were having their house warming and opening of the new main house that evening with a bunch of their local and other friends that were coming in from several different countries, and wanted to see if we wanted to join all of them; and of course we said you bet!

We were served with local Nepalese food, bread and salad and ate at the terrace overlooking the beautiful valley that night. Was a great evening with friendly people and great new introductions.

(Lew with Steve and the guys)

Here are some of the photos of the cottage, house warming party, and Steve and Neeru’s friends with Lew and I, and the ending of a perfect day roaming around Kathmandu and Tamil City, but of course that is a story in itself.

Here are some more photos.

(Me, in front of the cottage)

(Me, joined by Tulsi)

(after the breakfast)

(My best friend Lew)

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