Shivapuri Heights Cottage, Kathmandu, Nepal

Finally, the flat tire was replaced and ready to head to Shivapuri Heights Cottages which is located on a high ridge close to the edge of the National Park in Kathmandu.  After loading the luggage, the driver headed out, it took us about half an hour to reach the hotel cut off, which turned out to be a very steep single lane hill that looked like the beginning of a roller coaster. We just hoped that nothing was coming down, as we
attempted to go up!

Oh well you only live once! With no lights and the total darkness, the view out the car window was spectacular with all the city lights in the valley below. The ride was so bumpy; you had to hold on to something.  Once we reached the top of the hill and the very small parking area, our driver took our bags and we had to climb the remainder of the trip up more steep paths to reach the cottage.  The man made stairs were low lit, and was very quiet and relaxing.  All you could hear was the sounds of crickets, and my heavy breathing due to the hike with my backpack.  I never imagined this would be one of the easiest climbs I would make, until we trekked the Khumbu Everest Region, which will be discussed in one of my future articles.

At last, we reached the cottage and it was way past midnight.  It was so serene and quiet.  Once the driver took our luggage in the cottage, we were greeted by one of the owners, Neeru and some of their staff.  The owners of Shivapuri cottage is a couple; Neeru and Steve. Neeru is a local Nepalese woman and her husband Steve is from the United Kingdom.  That evening we did not meet Steve, as he was still on a trekking trip, and was scheduled to be back the next day.

The cottage has 3 rooms, 2 bathrooms, and a lounge area.  If guests rent the entire villa, the price is $290.00 US per night. We booked two rooms, but were fortunate to have the entire place to ourselves, as no other guests were booked in that night.

See photos below.

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Shivapuri Heights Cottages Rates:

Double room with attached bathroom

– Twin sharing basis, US$ 55.00 per person per night

– Single occupancy basis, US$ 90.00 per night

Standard Attic room with shared bathroom

– Twin sharing basis, US$ 45.00 per person per night

– Single occupancy basis, US$ 60.00 per night

Exclusive use of whole cottage (3 rooms/2 bathrooms/lounge area) 6 persons maximum unless under prior arrangement US$290.00 per night

Prices do not include transport to the Cottage. They can provide a transfer from the airport or another hotel in Kathmandu @ US$ 25.00.

Once we settled in our assigned rooms we just crashed and woke up about seven in the morning.  And that will be my next story.

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