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Digifotoblog Sponsored a Blog Contest

Digifotoblog Sponsored a Blog Contest

From the past, I’ve been invited to do some product reviews in Philippines but have to decline due to the fact that I work overseas and though I am frequent in Philippines, the review schedule don’t match my visits in Philippines.  And few days ago, I was invited again but not as a product reviewer but this time as a Blog contest sponsor.  It was my first time to be invited to sponsor a blog contest and at I was hesitant to say yes, but I finally did.

Why not?  I’ve read so many articles about blog contests, it advertise the blog site who’s conducting the contest and also the blog or website of the sponsors.  This is what I really need right now for my blog site, advertisement.  I need more web traffic (visitors) and eventually increase my Google Page Rank which is in 3 right now.

The blog contest was conducted by Makoy Tayag who is an OFW in Singapore and the contest will start on April 1, 2010.  If you are a blogger and would like to participate and win $200 as first prize, here’s his blog site www.makoyskie.com.

Good luck to all the participants and let’s see what this contest will bring to Digifotoblog.com.

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