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Grand Palace, Bangkok – For the 2nd time around

Grand Palace, Bangkok – For the 2nd time around

The last time I visited Grand Palace in Bangkok was April 2003, that was more than five years ago.  That was the time I bought my first Samsung digital camera at the Dubai International Airport Duty Free and guess how big the megapixel is?  It’s a whopping 1.6MB hahaha….  Well, during that period only few people have digital cameras and I’m proud to be one of them. 

I went there October 14, 2008 and that day was a special day, woke up with a smile hahaha…. After I had lunch in Mali Restaurant I went to the Grand Palace for a visit.  Just an advice for the first time visitors of this country, make sure you visit this place, you won’t regret.  History always speaks for itself.

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