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Bulalo Steak at K Cafe’ in Angeles City

Bulalo Steak at K Cafe’ in Angeles City

It was past lunch time and I have not eaten yet except for a cup of brewed coffee from home.  Famished and craving for some protein since I started my low carbs diet and thought of driving to the restaurants near where I was.  I went to Quad Nepo in Angeles City and decided to try K Cafe’.  I wanted a steak and was curious with their Bulalo Steak.  I wonder how this meat with big bones can be sliced into a steak size and cooked as a steak.  For all my readers who are not familiar with Bulalo.  Bulalo is the meat and knee cap of a cow and is typically cooked as a soup (Bulalo Soup) and it’s mostly an after party meal.  It is one of the famous dish in the Philippines.

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