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Reminiscing Kuwait – Part 1

Reminiscing Kuwait – Part 1

It’s been three months since I left Kuwait for a job opportunity that can’t be ignored.  Who would ignore a chance of going to the US of A to have your medical examination and other processing before your deployment to your work site?  And the chance of seeing your love ones after 120 days of working continuously for an R&R (Rest & Relaxation)?  I guess nobody right?  Or, maybe few will….  The insane ones! 🙂

For an OFW (Overseas Filipino Worker), an R&R or vacation (on a simple term) every four months is rare.  Because the majority of the OFW’s in the Middle East are having their vacations every 2 years.  Hey, if you’d like to go frequent to Philippines it will cost you a lot!

Anyway, back to the topic! 

Sometimes, I think of going back to Kuwait.  Why?  ‘Coz I missed the Kuwaitis?  Ngeeeekkk, wrong answer! Read More

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