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Adventure Thailand ’09 – Paradise Island, Krabi

Adventure Thailand ’09 – Paradise Island, Krabi


After seeing the Koh Hong Lagoon, the next stop of our Island tour that day was Paradise Island and it was probably the most beautiful Island I have ever seen in my life.  You may agree with me after seeing the photos that I took, but being there is way better.


En” our boatman said that the island is called Paradise Island, I don’t know if he meant it looks like a paradise or the name of the island is Paradise.  Obviously it looks and feels paradise, but after Googling it no name of Paradise Island in Thailand came out.


Oh well, I guess one of our readers here will comment on that but for the mean time here are some photos.


You may also visit Digifotoblog Gallery for more photos of my trips.  Here is the link.  Click HERE.


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