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Because I am a Filipino……

Because I am a Filipino……

Yesterday, I was checking in to board a flight to Bangkok via Cebu Pacific at the Diosdado Macapagal International Airport in Clark Air Base in Angeles City, Philippines when an American started asking me questions about Pattaya, Thailand.  And when I told him what I know about Pattaya, he asked me why I speak very good english.  My answer was “because I am a Filipino.”  Then he started asking me questions like, what I do for living, am I a call center agent (probably because of my english accent hahaha), but never told him what I do and where I work.  He just assumed that I work for C.I.A. after replying to him that my work is a secret…. What funny was he asked me in Tagalog (Philippines national language) and I replied in English just for respect to another Caucasian guy who was listening to our conversation.

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