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Where’s George?
Philippine Passport Online Application

Where’s George?


I heard you!  You were asking what’s the title for.

Okay here it goes.  I was in a store and the cashier gave my change. As I was putting my paper bill on my wallet I noticed a stamp on a one US dollar bill where it says “See where I’ve been, track where I go next.  www.wheresgeorge.com“.

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Philippine Passport Online Application

side_salad.jpgI sent an email to this website and a certain Mr. Bryan Zarzuela replied to me promtply and amazingly he answered all my questions.  Don’t you feel good when you inquired to a blog or website and you received a prompt reply?

The reason why I sent an email to this website is that my Philippine passport (anyway, I only have Philippine Passport hahaha) is running out of pages.  I think I only have two pages left though the expiration is on 2009.

Okay let me summarize the information that I got from Mr. Zarzuela so the OFW’s out there can benefit on this. Read More

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