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Sand, sand, everywhere…

Sand, sand, everywhere…

In April, my best friend and I took the plunge for another exciting round of sand dune roller coaster rides over the dunes just outside of Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

My friend had never taken this tour before, but since this would be my second time, I was excited to watch his expressions as we rolled along the very cusp of the thousands of dunes in this area, and took the plunging dives over the edge; all while enjoying the jamming tunes in the luxurious Toyota Land Cruisers that are used for these tours.  Just before taking off into the world of sand, our driver stopped at a small store to pick up water and snacks, and got out and lowered the pressure in the tires so we could gain traction out in the deep sand. I would not personally recommend anyone have a BIG meal just before the trip, as like any roller coaster ride, those with a tender stomach may be reaching for the “barf” bag like on the airlines when you hit a pocket of air. These are WILD rides to say the least, but you will have a ball.

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