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A commenter named “shit”

A commenter named “shit”

I was checking some comments of this blog and I found one that attracts my attention.  The Author is “shit” (I guess the personality goes with the author’s name) and commented that “http://digifotoblog.com/ is shit. The content is useless, ads shit!!!”  (See image below)


Hey shit, if you think that I will approve that comment, the answer is NO.  I am not the type of person who gives pleasure to some lowly life like you.   And I don’t care if you think that the content of this blog is useless because I’m sure that you are one of the people who are eagerly wanted to blog but no means nor even have brain to do it.  Get a life for your sake!


I bet this commenter will not stop commenting but who cares at least an additional traffic from Bocaue, Bulacan is a plus.  Thanks for the traffic shit! hahaha

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