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OFWFriends.com update: 666 Members

OFWFriends.com update: 666 Members

I just checked few minutes ago how many members we have in OFW Friends Online website and I am glad that since May 27, 2009, 67 new members registered.  Isn’t that amazing, who knows OFWFriends.com might be the next Friendster, Facebook or Myspace.  At least just a fraction of it will be a milestone for the Overseas Filipino Workers Online Website.  With all the members help, we can spread the news about this site.


The only thing that really disturbed me was the number of members.  We have 666 members.  Isn’t that a Devil’s number?


Well, I don’t believe that there’s such thing as a devils number.

But this is what I believed in, if you are an OFW, do join our Social Network and invite your OFW Friends. J

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