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Republic of Georgia’s Tourist Visa

Republic of Georgia’s Tourist Visa

How to apply Republic of Georgia Tourist Visa?

June 4, 2009 – The day that I arrived in the Republic of Georgia, I approached the Visa section and asked the immigration officer if a Filipino can apply for a tourist visa upon arrival, and he said yes.  All you have to do when you arrive at Tbilisi International Airport go to the left side of the Immigration section where you’ll see a big bold letter “VISA” and present your passport and the immigration officer will give you an application form to fill (sample attached), a photo and pay GEL100.00 (US$70.00).  GEL is Georgian Lari, the currency of the Republic of Georgia.  The visa is valid for one year and it is up to Georgian Immigration’s discretion if they will grant you a single or multiple entry visas or deny you.

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