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How do you like my new Blog design?
New Blog Header Image and WordPress Theme

How do you like my new Blog design?

My previous WordPress Theme was kind of a so so… I decided to change it and I wanted more personalized where my posts about my travel and photography really jive with the theme but that will cost me too much if I hire a Theme designer.  So I bumped into this Theme and bought it for $70.00.  Is it worth it?  I think so, it looks more professional now and a little more tweak here and there, it’s perfect.

Well, as my visitor in this blog, do you like it?  What kind of stuff do you like to see in this blog?  Any suggestions and comments?  I admit that I still have a lot of work to do to take this blog to be one of the top Travel Bloggers.

Please feel free to do so as I love to be critiqued and learn from it.

Happy trip you all!

New Blog Header Image and WordPress Theme

You may have noticed my new blog header image and the new blog theme I installed which I think it is simpler than most of the WordPress theme that I used for the past two years of blogging.  I already received some good comments from friends and readers about it.  Thanks. J


The header image was done by a famous artist in the Republic of Georgia who has a TV Show that teaches kids to be an artist like him.  His name is Zaliku, I doubt if that is his real name.  Who cares right?  As long as he’s good on what he does.

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