What is Taho?  Taho is a famous snack in the Philippines that is made of fresh silken tofu, arnibal (brown sugar and vanilla syrup), and pearl sago.  This is a snack that can be found all over the country.  Usually it is carried by a vendor who goes street by street.




On one of my vacation in the Philippines while I was in front of our house, I saw a Taho vendor. Since I haven’t eaten Taho for years I thought of buying few cups for the whole family.  The vendor looks so familiar and I know I saw him somewhere.  I called him and when he approached me I recognized him; he is one of Grand Mommy’s tenant’s kids.  And if I can remember it right he is one of my playmates when I was young.  Good old days…..


Taho anyone???

Photos after the jump…..

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  • I have included a link of your blog about making taho in 8 minutes! It is my article written today. I hope you like more people to come and read your blogs. Thanks for sharing your story, giving readers the feel of being home and feel of true encounters..

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