Thanksgiving Dinner at Waffle House in Kennesaw, Georgia

I was so tired after the flight from DFW, and as soon as I arrived at the hotel.  I slept!  For hours!

I woke up starving. Since it was Thanksgiving day and supposed to eat with a traditional Thanksgiving Dinner with friends, I opted to stay in the hotel and sleep.

I’ve tried to order from a Chinese Restaurant and have it delivered to the hotel but unfortunately, it was closed, so does other restaurants around the area.  I even tried the Food Delivery App Favor but the App isn’t providing services in this area for now. I walked around the hotel and saw that Waffle House was open.

I ordered T-Bone Steak with eggs, hash brown, and coffee.  The Steak was not that good, it was too thin, a bit hard but because I was starving, I ate it all hahaha.  Then the waitress recommended the Choco Pie, so I had that. It was good. I am craving right now while writing this post.

The staff, especially the waitress was very nice. I wish I had a lot of money so I can leave a hefty tip but I only left what I can afford that time.

Choco Pie

Sleep Inn and Suites Hotel

If you ever travel to Kennesaw, Georgia, there are a lot of Restaurants and fast food Restaurants here too. Unfortunately, they were close that night.

Now, I am craving for a Chinese Buffet.  🙂


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