The Flight to Bali, Indonesia

The flight was scheduled to leave at 0015 from Dubai to Doha via Qatar Airways and scheduled to land the same day at 1905 to Denpasar Airport in Bali.  It was an hour’s flight to Doha and arrived at the same time my friend and I left Dubai.  If you asked why, Qatar is an hour behind U.A.E. 

After two hours stop-over in Doha, it was time to fly again for another grueling thirteen hours.  The itinerary didn’t mention that there was another stop-over at the Changi Airport in Singapore.  That was the reason why it was a thirteen hour flight, considering Bali is in Asia.  Oh well, the Airport officials in Changi need to re-scan those passengers onboard, even though we were scanned back at the Doha Airport.  It’s for the safety of the passengers and the aircraft, for sure.

After at least an hour stay in Singapore it took another two and a half hours to reach our final destination, Bali!  The airport was kind of busy that night and we had to go to the Visa section.  My friend is an American national and needs a visa to pass through immigration.  Fortunately, I am from the Philippines so I don’t have to buy a visa to get in to Indonesia.  A 30 days visa cost US $25.00.  This is one of the rarest moments that a Filipino like me can get in to a country without a visa, and it really felt good. (Click here to see the list of countries that is not required a visa for Filipinos)

(I know by uploading this photo I will be in deep shit)

My friend needs to purchase his visa to enter Indonesia.

(This is the actual 30 days tourist visa that cost US$ 25/-)

Welcome to Bali, Indonesia 🙂

Oh by the way, this is how I traveled.  Comfortable as ever.

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