The Mali Restaurant in Bangkok

October 14, 2008:  It was not my first time in this restaurant, earlier that day I had breakfast with Will who I’ve met the night before in some bar in Bangkok.  Since he’s familiar with the place, I asked him if he knew good restaurants in Bangkok and he recommended me The Mali Restaurant.  Before we parted ways that night, he invited me to have breakfast with him in that restaurant.

While having breakfast, I found out that Will happened to be working with the same company that I’ve been working for the past 4 years.  He’s in Thailand for his scheduled vacation, so was I.  What a small world eh?  Anyway before I get side tracked again with my story about Mali Restaurant, later that day I went back to Mali to have lunch and try their Tom-Yum Soup (my favorite Thai dish).

I ordered Shrimps Tom-Yum Soup, Rice with Pork fried with Basil Leaves and Chillis and Watermelon Shake.

Shrimps Tom-Yum Soup – 150 Baht (PHP 210.00)

Rice with Pork fried with Basil Leaves and Chillis – 80 Baht (PHP 112.00)

Watermelon Shake – 80 Baht (PHP  80.00)

You can see in this photo that I really liked the food.  Is it obvious?

My verdict for this restaurant is that Mali is more than a restaurant, it is like home.  The food was great; the people who work there always have smile on their faces and very attentive too.  The place has a small terrace at the street side with four tables where you can watch football or Thai soap operas.  The American owner was very approachable to the customers and while talking to him, he said that I am not a Thai because the way I speak English. Good observation.

Other information that I’ve learned about Mali Restaurant was that it was established in 1999 and the name “Mali” means “Jasmine Flower” in Thai.

You’ll know that this restaurant is famous because the wall is full of framed photos of some interesting people that visited the restaurant.  They are the King and Queen of Sweden, Crown Prince of Denmark, Sting of the Police and the famous Asian action star Jet Li.

(in this photo you’ll see the main door and the counter)

(Me with the water melon shake….. Cheers!! )

 If you’re interested to visit Mali Restaurant, here is some information that will be very useful.
Address: 43 Soi Sathorn 1 (Attakarnprasit), South Sathorn Road, Sathorn, Bangkok, Thailand
Tel.: 286-7311 Ext. 171
Open daily from 8:30AM to 11:00 PM

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