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If you are planning to go to Boracay this summer and you’d like to book your stay at The Tides Boracay, then this article is for you.  I will tell you how to save money if you want to stay in this modern-themed looking hotel.

The Tides Boracay is in the middle of D’mall located in Station 2 and I just booked 3 nights of stay for my Boracay trip next month.  I just found out that booking directly to Tides Boracay website is really expensive.  So here’s my tip to get a big discount.

Instead of booking directly to The Tides Boracay official website (link), you can book it to  I saved $174.80 (PHP 7,866.00 based on a $1 = PHP45/-) for the whole three nights of stay.  The images below shows the online booking computation for both sites.


(Click image to enlarge

You may asked why I chose this hotel, well, based on the multiple reviews I’ve read online (Tripadvisor), this hotel is sleek, clean, young, modern and not to mention their infinity pool at the roof deck.

If you have any tip that you’d like to contribute, please feel free so the Boracay travelers will benefit on it.  You are always welcome to the comments section.  If you comment, you make me happy. J

My own reviews (Photos included) of The Tides Boracay will follow after my vacation, let’s see if this place will live to my expectations and the $161/night is truly worth it.  Or else, I’m going to hunt Tim Yap’s ass…. (FYI Tim Yap is one of the owner of this B&B)

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  • yup but who knows it might be cancelled though everything is already booked. A month is a long way to go. 🙂

  • Wow this is awesome, i loved boracay and your blog too. I hope i can go there too. Too expensive but i’m sure this is luxurious hotel. I hope you can post some photos here

    Thanks for sharing

    Tanya Gemarin

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