The Ultimate Stag Do: Ten Awesome Activities for the Lads

When it comes to organizing the perfect stag do that not only the groom, but all is mates, will enjoy, deciding on the activities that will fill your itinerary and make the stag weekend one to remember can be difficult.

Whether you’re cramming activities into one day or spreading them out over a whole weekend, finding a perfect balance between daytime pursuits and evening frolics will give the stag the ideal party with his mates. Although much of the focus is ensuring a top quality night out with the lads, the daylight hours shouldn’t be reserved for hangovers and sleep. There’s a multitude of pursuits and activities available that will add a thrill seeking angle to the traditional stag do.

First things first though – book your hotel. Travelodge offers deals on group accommodation and will, more often than not, place you right in the center of the action. With hotels scattered around all major cities, you’ll surely find one in your destination of choice. Reasonably priced and comfortable, the rooms do exactly what they say on the tin and make a perfect base for you and the lads.

As for the daytime pursuits, take a look at some of the options that could fill your time.

1. Paintballing

You can find paintballing centers all over the UK, many of which offering packages perfect for any stag do. Whether it’s indoor fun or outdoors in the woodland, paint-balling offers adrenaline-filled fun with a paintball gun.

2. Quad Biking

Get mucky and muddy off-road with a spot of quad biking – guaranteed fun for all of the lads!

3. Go Karting

Don’t let the weather dampen your spirits. With indoor and outdoor tracks available, you and the lads can race to your heart’s content, no matter how much rain there is.

4. Airsofting

A little more of a hardcore alternative to the typical paintballing excursion; airsofting uses replica military guns and plastic BB pellets to give you realistic thrills.

5. Canyoning

Canyoning and caving are perfect options for the outdoors type. Clamber down cliffs, through holes and into caves. Not recommended for claustrophobics!

6. Clay Pigeon Shooting

Nothing like a bit of healthy competition between you and the boys. See who’s better at shooting the flying targets in this stag do favorite.

7. Kayaking

Physically demanding, but massive heaps of fun, as you guide yourself down inland stretches. A true test of stamina.

8. Power Boating

An ultimate adrenaline rush on the open seas, power boating is an awesome activity for any speed junkie.

9. Go Ape

Plenty of fun can be had at these outdoor adventure playgrounds for the grown-ups, including obstacle courses high in the trees and whizzing around the tracks on a Segway.

10. Tank Driving

You totally have a right to feel macho behind the wheel of one of these beauties!

Browse the accommodation options that Travelodge offer in your chosen city and start the stag do preparations today. With the right balance of day and evening shenanigans, the stag will surely have a weekend to remember.

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