Things to do in Sydney, Australia

Some of my relatives live in Sydney, Australia for some time now and they have been inviting me to visit them and since I love to travel they thought I might like it.  I will have a chance to see the famous landmark of Australia – The Sydney Opera House. There are lots of adventurous things to do in Sydney.

Skydiving Sydney – Since I can remember, I have always been afraid of heights.  The thought of falling from a high place is not the way that I want to leave this world.  But, that was before!  I think that traveling to many countries made me realize that there are a lot of things to experience, to explore.  We only live once, why not enjoy it right?  So, while in Sydney I would like to try skydiving and feel the rush of free falling from a plane and try to land on a specific area.  By doing that, I can conquer my fear of heights.

Seaplane Sydney – There’s also one thing that I would to try and that is to be in a Seaplane that can take off from the sea and land on the sea.  I love taking photos and it is a new experience for me to take some aerial shots of some of the famous landmarks and places in Sydney such The Sydney Opera House, Whale beach, the Hawkesbury River or even the wild Pacific Ocean.

There are so many things to do in Sydney, these are:

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