Touchdown Vietnam

Hello Ho Chi Minh City!!!

It’s now 3 in the morning and just got in the Windsor Palace Hotel in District 5 of Ho Chi Minh City previously called Saigon.  The flight took two and a half hours and we arrived past midnight as scheduled.  There was a lot of passengers in the immigration area but took only half an hour to get out of the arrival area of  Tan Son Nat International Airport.  


Immigration area


Selfie time at the arrival area while waiting for a taxi

It’s chaos outside the arrival area, the most noisiest airport I have ever seen.  After ten minutes of waiting for a taxi, I hopped into one and after communicating with the Vietnamese Driver who happened to be good in English but hard to understand, then we headed to District 5.  The drive was almost half an hour and the road was empty since it was past two in the morning.



The taxi meter was only 70,000 VND (VND is Vietnamese Dong) but the driver asked for additional fee which I didn’t understand, so I just gave the 100,000 VND which is about US$ 4.65 (US$1 = VND21,500).

Then I checked in at Windsor Palace Hotel (discounted rates).  (My next post so watch for it)

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