Trip from DFW to Georgia and Florida, USA

It was an early flight, about 6:45 in the morning. I had to wake up at 3 to prepare for the flight and had 3 hours of sleep. I was tired but at the same time was excited about the trip. It will be my first time in Georgia and Orlando, Florida.

The drive from Hurst to DFW Airport was a breeze, it took us only 15 or about 20 minutes to the Airport parking.

If you want to save money on parking fees and don’t care if your car does not have a roof over it, choose the Remote Parking.  It’s a bit far from the Terminal but there are Busses that will take you to the Airport Terminal. But if you have extra money to spare, choose the Terminal parking.  It will be covered parking, multiple floors to park and just opposite the Terminal so you don’t have to take the bus.

Below is the DFW Airport Parking Rates for your guide.

After about 30 minutes from Parking, taking the bus to Terminal E, Checking in, and the rigorous Security Check, I badly needed a cup of coffee.  TGI Fridays was the first Restaurant we saw after the Security check and why not try it.

Omelette with Fried Potatoes

Okay, after this hearty breakfast and 2 cups of coffee, I am ready for the trip.

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Happy Travel.

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