Uncovering the secret gems in Istanbul

There are many cities in many different countries around the world, but none of them compare to Istanbul. The city which has changed name several times of the centuries is a changing city that is forever adapting around its ancient centre. With hundreds of sites to explore and many things to do you can be occupied from the moment you step off the flight to Turkey. Whether you love history or shopping you will find this city has everything to keep you entertained and engrossed.

The mosques form the main attractions for most visitors, but there is so much more to see and anyone willing to veer off the beaten track will encounter a plethora of hidden gems. With winding streets and small pockets of interest you can spend an entire week or even a month taking in the city and its intricate heart.

There are is a mass of shops to keep even the most fashion hungry shopper happy, and with inexpensive pashminas and excellent jewellery you may even pick up a bargain. There is also a book market hidden in the maze of streets, which has existed in that spot for many years. As soon as you step in you can smell the history and the knowledge.

The Blue Mosque and Topkapi Palace are great places to absorb the history in the region. With tiled ceilings and artefacts on display, the Topkapi Palace is an amazing place to spend the day. The museum at the palace also houses one of the biggest diamonds in the world, which pulls in hundreds of visitors every year.

There are many places to see in Istanbul and by catching a quick flight to the country you can take advantage of the many things on offer in the city. The food, the drink and the people will make you want to stay.

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