Visiting plantation homes in Barbados

Barbados is well-known for its sugar plantations and although may people on cheap Barbados holidays go to see the beaches; there is a wealth of history to be seen on this stunning island. Like many great British houses, some of the plantations have fallen into disrepair, including one of the oldest – Drax House. Many of these great houses were built by colonials, after they arrived in Barbados in 1625. These buildings tell the story of the island’s past, not all of it good.

Newer plantations including Francia in St. George are better preserved than some of their older relatives. This planation was built in the 19th century and sits on a hillside, which offers wonderful views of the valley. The house still operates as a working plantation. Other houses, however, have been turned into luxury resorts or hotels, but can still be seen to this day.

Drax Hall, St. George, is one of the oldest on the island was originally owned by Colonel James Drax.  It was constructed with the help of his brother William. This family were one of the first people to cultivate sugar on the island and the plantation is still owned by the family to this day. The building itself is a remarkable as an example of classic Jacobean architecture, with casement gable windows, steep gable roofs and a Jacobean staircase.

The Lascelles Great House dates to the 1600s and was owned by Henry Lascelles, an Englishman. In the 1990s the Great House was completely renovated and is holiday villa.

These great houses are brilliant places to see and learn about on any trip to Barbados. This island has an amazing history, which has affected many other countries around the world, so by going to these houses you can get a feel for the history and the culture of this stunning island.

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