What to do in Mineral Wells, Texas?

It was a spur of the moment when we head out to Mineral Wells in Texas, it was about 62 miles away and an hour drive from Hurst.  The drive was faster than what google suggested, which was about an hour and 28 minutes.  It must be the President’s Day holiday. No traffic.

I have not researched about Mineral Wells, it was just a suggestion from my friend that we should go there while the weather is good.  Oh, it supposed to be winter this time but based on the weather we are experiencing now and what we read about the weather forecast, it will be an early Spring. My kind of weather.  Short pants and Flip Flop time baby!

My friend told me that Mineral Wells was a very popular tourist destination many years ago.  People have been fascinated with its healing waters coming from the wells that initially dug up by James Lynch back in the 1900s.  The healing waters became popularly known as “Crazy Water”

Unfortunately, all the wells dried up.  But if you are hoping for a taste of the Crazy Water, you can find it at the Famous Mineral Water Co.  The company bottles the crazy water from the remaining wells and sells it in water bottles and sodas.

We have not tried the Crazy Water but the next time we are in Mineral Wells, we are definitely trying it.

The Baker Hotel, Mineral Wells, Texas

The Fabolous Baker Hotel

We walked around the town and saw this towering beautiful building which was abandoned and has No Trespassing signage.  It was the Baker Hotel.  I decided to write a separate blog post about the Baker Hotel, as it deserves to have one.

What about Food?

Every time I visit a new place, I always want to try the food that is so significant about the place.  Or something about a food that they are famous for.  Like the self-proclaimed biggest chicken fried steak of Mary’s Café; which I found by searching Yelp. But, we didn’t end up there because they don’t allow pets inside.  We ended up at Chicken Express.  It is one the many fast food chains around Mineral Wells. Oh well, we were hungry and we had Petri (Our Pomeranian dog) with us so we had to sit outside to eat.  We don’t want to leave Petri inside the car.

Mary’s Café, maybe next time.

  • Entrance of Lake Mineral Wells
  • Screened Shelters for Rent
  • Penitentiary Hollow Towering Sandstone
  • Me and Petri

Lake Mineral Wells State Park and Trailway

Another activity or scenery that Mineral Wells is famous for is Lake Mineral Wells State Park.  Here, you can go camping, whether you have an RV, tent or rent one of their Screened Shelters.  Also, Penitentiary Hollow is one of the unique places to climb in Texas, instead of climbing up, you top rope down the towering sandstone.  Which I will write a separate blog post.

  • The Bridge before reaching Lake Mineral Wells State Park
  • Mineral Wells Town
  • Around Mineral Wells
  • One of the old houses in Mineral Wells
  • Establishments on Mineral Wells

There are a lot to see in Mineral Wells but we haven’t had time to visit those places but let me run down the list if you plan to visit:

  • Fort Wolters – The largest base for helicopter pilots during the Vietnam War.
  • National Vietnam Museum – You can see Iconic UH 1 or Huey Helicopters
  • Laundromat Washing Machine Museum – to learn about the evolution of the washing machine and you can also do your laundry. It is a fully-functioning laundromat as well. Sounds fun huh?
  • Clark Gardens – a 35-acre botanical garden
  • Mineral Wells Fossil Park – Digging for Dinosaur fossils

I hope you enjoyed reading one of my travel adventures and comments below are appreciated.  If you find this blog entertaining and worthy of sharing on your Social Media accounts, please do so.  It will help me to keep sharing my travel stories.

Happy travels friends!

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