Where’s George?


I heard you!  You were asking what’s the title for.

Okay here it goes.  I was in a store and the cashier gave my change. As I was putting my paper bill on my wallet I noticed a stamp on a one US dollar bill where it says “See where I’ve been, track where I go next.  www.wheresgeorge.com“.

So what do you expect me to do?  I logged in to the world wide web and I was amazed on how much effort they put in this website.  Their only purpose was to track George Washington of the one US Dollar bill.

What if, if I start circulating a 500 Philippine Peso bill where it shows the face Ninoy Aquino. 

I will name the website www.wheresninoy.com.  hahaha isn’t this a nice idea. 

Yeah I know, you’re saying that I’m a copy cat.  What’s new?  I still think it’s a great idea.  I just don’t know if someone will start doing that when they read my blog.  hahaha….

At least I thought of it first…. I guess..

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