Zeke’s Fish & Chips in Fort Worth, Texas

Before we went to Fort Worth Stockyard my friend and I went to Zeke’s Fish & Chips and had a late lunch.  He mentioned this couple of times that whenever I visit Fort Worth, he’ll take me to Zeke’s.  He did and oh man the Cod fish was awesome.  A Fort Worth visitor shouldn’t miss.

Don’t be disgusted with the shape and color of the food; they may be shaped like turd but wait until you taste it.

I ordered the two cod fish, two veggies, and hushpuppy combo. The veggies that I ordered were fries and fried eggplant. I think my friend ordered same as mine but with extra cod fish, coleslaw and zucchini instead of an eggplant.  He’s not that hungry huh?  I guess he really had some cravings after being overseas for some time.

The breading was delicious and the fish was perfectly fried and it really went well when I topped with malt vinegar. I have never had fish and chips that were so delicious.

The lady who was serving our meal was very nice and pleasant; she even took a picture of me and my friend.

The only downside I’ve noticed is the place is a little small and you have to practically walk through the kitchen to get to the Toilet.  But the bottom-line is we were stuffed and satisfied.  Thanks Lew.

Here’s what we order:

Fish Combo – 2 Pieces of Cod – $9.99
Iced Tea – $1.75

I think the total was about $40 for the two of us.

More photos:

Currently, ordeing online is unavailable.  To place your order you can call 817-731-3321.

They are open at:
Mon-Thurs 11 Am – 9 Pm
Fri – 11 Am – 11 Pm
Sat – 11 Am – 10 Pm
Sun – 12 Pm – 9 Pm

Located at:
5920 Curzon Ave, Fort Worth, TX
Tel: (817) 731-3321
Fort Worth, TX 76107


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